Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Temple Lights

Little Tait in his mini Santa suit. I Love it!
Daddy kissing Ansley's neck

We went to see the Temple Square lights with Jorrel, Crista and their little boy, Tait.
We had so much fun looking at the lights and walking around. We ended up on the top floor of the Joseph Memorial Building to see the lights from above. It was beautiful.
As we were walking around we were stopped constantly by people saying how cute Tait was in his Santa suit. Crista even had 3 or 4 people ask to take a picture of him (I thought that was a little weird). I was a lot of fun, of course we always have fun with Jorrel and Crista. Thanks guys for going with us.


Taits said...

Tait is pretty cute in that Santa suit. Ansley is just so beautiful. You guys make cute kids. Love those little ones - and you too.

Tait said...

Little Tait is pretty stinkin cute but maybe the picture taking was more for Crista's ornaments. They are pretty outstanding.

Sundbergs said...

So fun looks beautiful wish we could have gone just wasn't in the cards this trip. Glad the kids loved it